Poker Odds Charts

Free Poker Hand and Raise chart

Help your poker game dramatically, these charts are great for starting poker players who need a guide to playing good solid poker and for expert players who just need to brush up on their skills and get back to basics. Here are 2 charts, one if for a 6 person max table and another for a 10 person max table (why 2 tables? The odds change based on cards dealt, more players, bigger odds).

These Poker Database DB charts can help you take over a poker table and start winning. The same charts work well for online poker as well, if you follow the chart exactly. There are going to be times when you need to take risks and start pressing the action but if you follow the call and raise chart you can control your own destiny when you do decide to raise your opponents they may start to believe your bluffs.

Professional Players like Howard Lederer have this chart memorized in their brain and they know every single percentage of card flop possibility.

Poker odds for a 10 person max table (click image to enlarge)

Poker odds for a 6 person max table (click image to enlarge)