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Free Online Poker Odds Chart

Poker Odds Calculator (5 Person Max.) is built for mostly theory to see what your percentages are, it's not perfect but it does give you insight on what you may have done right or wrong on a up to 5 person table. All you need to do is select the cards you are holding, and select the card of your opponents and you can calculate what your winning percentages are.

THIS IS NOT A CHEAT SHEET CALCULATOR - in fact that only thing this calculator is good for is if you can remember a hand played that you won or lost on you can recreate what cards you were holding, and what your opponent was holding and see your what the percentages were for the pre flop, after the flop, and after the turn or fourth street.

Poker odds calculator - an all-inclusive guide to online poker. You'll find all you need when it comes to online poker: poker news, articles on poker strategy, reviews of hundreds of poker sites, extensive live tournament coverage, and much more.

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