Online Poker Tracker

The Greatest invention for Online Poker Players is Here!!!

Poker Tracker Software - See your opponents hand before they see yours

Poker Tracker allows you to see how often your opponents on the table raise, fold, call and a complete spread of their tenancies. How aggressive they are and can be with low chip count or high chip count. How much cash money they have won or lost and to what kind of hands. This program tracks the data and information for limit players from .50/1.00 to 15/30 and no limit from $50 buy in to $1000 buy in. Plus every timed minute these stats and info will be updated in real time live right on the poker table as you are playing. Poker Tracker can pay for its self first day you use it. Once you have purchased this program it is all up to you how you use the data. Go over to the dark side and get this program right away.

There are many programs that can do the same thing so don't take this all to heart please look around there maybe a program just like this one that is more t your liking.

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