Play Poker Online: Start in Free Rooms

Always play poker online in a free room before a money game, the only suggestion would be to not play too much of the online free poker rooms too much they give you a false sense of security of how you really play. The reason why is because you are not playing with anything that is being really bet. In laments terms if you are playing wit funny money you are really not gambling, it is now just a game to win imaginary much like playing monopoly with kids.

If you are new to poker start off in the freebie poker rooms until you get the hang of it. Most online poker rooms all have the same tools and options like the auto fold button or auto muck buttons. So use the free online poker rooms to feel comfortable playing online poker. Then when you are ready find a good pay site and use that opportunity to really open up your poker skills. Even though there are no faces to watch you can still find betting tendencies like how fast or slow they raise. Phil Gordon even suggest try playing with a sticky tab on your cards so you cant see your own hand and bet by the betting tendencies of your virtual opponents.