What Kind Of Poker Player Are You?

Poker reads and tendencies are sometimes hard to figure out unless you have been trained to look for the tendencies these sections will give you tips and tricks for your live poker game as well as your online game. These articles are coming from years of coaching sports and integrating poker into my life. I used to watch films and films of different Football and Baseball players and figuring out their tendencies for my own poker strategies. For example, lets say a baseball pitcher scratches his nose every time he is about to throw a curve ball. Well you have 2 choices you can just hope he doesn’t get a strike on you or you can get ready for it and slam it out of the park obviously that is a very elementary way of thinking about it but it does work and it helps. Either way these compilation of articles come from both of my experiences from being a coach and watching long days of sports films to now the great game of poker.

Check out all of the lessons and maybe this is for you I will not lie these tactics are not for everyone but keep an open mind and try a few of the tips mentioned.