Howard “The Professor” Lederer

Howard Lederer Professional Poker Player Biography:

According to the Howard Lederer official web site Howard's first passion was in chess, but after watching and playing poker around him his appetite grew to an amazing addiction to poker. Staying up late and playing poker for hours he started raising the stakes and started to play in casinos and clubs and even ended up playing with other professional greats such as Dan Harrington, Steve Zolotow, Jay Heimowitz, and Erik Seidel.

Later Howard Lederer began to bring his sister Annie Duke into the poker world and began to help her with her game. Once he shared all of his information with her, he convinced her to come to Las Vegas and play in the WSOP tournaments and now Annie Duke is known as the highest paid out poker woman in Vegas. She even knocked Howard out of a few tournaments, herself.

The reason why they call him Howard "the Professor" Lederer is because of the way he plays, he is like a computer who knows all the odds of every hand and will know every single card out, risk percentage, and calculation. When it comes to poker knowledge, no one compares to Howard's if you don't know the odds then this is a poker player you don't want to play. Howard will go down into the legacy books as a legendary great getting 2 bracelets in the WSOP and winning may tournament in the WPT, now he spends most of his time announcing for Full Tilt Poker, and running Fantasy Camps where people can learn from him. He even has his own line of Howard Lederer Poker DVD's and Books.