Poker Card Guard Protectors

Why Use a Poker Card Guard or Protector?

If you are playing poker at a Business Casino here is a fact that you need to know. If another player's card touches your cards in the middle of a hand or if a person accidentally mucks their cards into yours, the hand will be folded automatically by the dealer. There is no way around this rule, and it prevents cheating so there can not be any arguments.

If you have a poker guard or poker protector on top of your cards (it can not be a poker chip) then your hand is safe. There have even been stories of other unprincipled poker players purposely mucking their card into a winning poker players cards on purpose to ruin the hand being played. You can use any small object to put on top of your poker hand but with so many styles, brands, and types why would you settle for just anything when you can decorate your hand with your own attitude.