Poker Equipment Guide

Poker Products You Need To Start With

There are certain products you need to have right away before starting a home game. And before you start, what kind of game you are playing? Whether it is Texas Hold'em, 7 Card Draw, 5 Card Stud, or even Omaha the best part is that the poker list provided will give the products needed right away and give insight on the type of games you wish to be played.

1. Poker Table - The best thing is to buy a good 10 seat poker table which will usually run 100 dollars plus, you can use a regular table but the problem is most tables surfaces are slick and when cards are dealt they will fly too fast and off the table. If a regular table is used, either purchase a Poker Table Cloth or put a good heavy kitchen table cloth on top of the table to prevent too much sliding.

2. Poker Playing Cards - You can use most playing cards to play poker, it's just better to use actual Poker Playing Cards or high quality Poker cards such as Kimco or Copag brands that last longer. Make sure you get 2 Decks per table! The reason for 2 Decks is that when one deck is being dealt, the other deck is being shuffled for the next hand, this will create the games to run faster and smoother and no one is waiting for a deck to be shuffled.

3. Poker Chip Sets - For obvious reasons you need a chip set so that people can bet what they are playing for. Choosing the correct poker chip set is very important if you are playing a cash game for pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters with no limit the you are going to need close to 1000 to 3000 chip set for a table of 10 people. If you are playing a tournament style you will need to count how much each player will be playing with and get a chip set that will satisfy everyone invited to play (note: always get extra chips in higher denomination so you can change up when someone gets too many smaller denomination chips).

4. Dealer & Blind Buttons - This really depends on what type of poker game is played , but one set of Dealer and Blind buttons are defiantly needed for Texas Hold'em so that all players will know where the Dealer starts and who needs to pay up on Blinds. The Dealer button can be used for any poker game because the dealer changes every hands and it will keep track who is up or next.

5. Poker Timers - Used mostly for tournament style Texas Hold'em, a timer will keep track of the blind raising. You can also use a regular kitchen timer.