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Want some free advertisement on your poker products, or want to advertise something poker related? Then you found the right place.

Here at My Poker Monkey we would love to make millions of dollars in advertisement but that is unrealistic with the current economy, but if you have a great poker product and want us to let our viewers know about it, then we can work something out. In most cases all you need to do, to advertise on your website and send us the product. Or send a few dollars our way.

Once we receive your cool new poker toy then we will examine it, put it through some of our tournaments and or testers hands and see if its a worthy product to be one our site.

After we do our tests and we find it is appropriate for My Poker Monkey we will write a full review, including where to get it with our own personal touch, we can even help you market the item through our networks.

This is also a great opportunity if you are looking for product reviews on other websites such as Amazon, This Next, Ebay, etc. Increase you traffic and sales through reviews, honest reviews!


We believe that Poker Players should be in a tight family just like ours so if you think your product is good enough for us, then contact us right away.

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