PokerPadz Computer Mouse Pad

PokerPadz is the first green felt, casino poker table-shaped computer mouse pad made from the same materials used on casino poker felt tables around the world. I have on and it is hands donw one of the most comfortable mouse pad I have ever had and has a great feel like actually being at a casino playing poker.

WPT Poker Padz

WPT Poker Padz

PokerPadz mouse pad measures 14in. L x 8 1/4in. W with a 1/2in. bumper around the perimeter of this mini-table and screened with the PokerPadzā„¢ Poker Logo. Also included are ten 11.5g yellow and white poker chips with personalized by PokerPadzā„¢.

Here are just a few of their great products you can play poker like a pro and get a World Poker Tour Poker Pad with the official logo and some sweet blue and red chips awesome for a gift to any poker finatic. Or if you are a military person we have another PokerPadz specialty computer mouse pad jsut for the guys at Screaming Eagle Poker and the great thing about this one is that for every one you purchase a percentage of every sale goes to the Wounded Warrior Project. The Wounded Warrior Project is a military charity NPO that supplies disabled veterans with the tools and nessesities to keep living life normaly everything from ramps to houses to prosthetic limbs.

Or if you are a local fan check out our Live at the Bike PokerPadz with the actual logos of the favorite California Poker Casino that even plays live games on the web with a huge following of pro poker players around the world. I think I am the only one who has not been on their internet cast yet LOL. And the last one you see is a PokerPadz Signature pad with marker pen use it to get

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