Poker Players with No Room For a Poker Table – Here is the Solution

Poker Table Tops

Poker Table Tops

When getting a Poker Table, space is always a problem and in most cases having a poker table may not be aesthetically pleasing depending on your home decor. Your solution may be a Poker Table Top which are portable, and easy to store until the next poker game. These poker table tops give you the ability to set them on top of any regular table, depending on the size, and give you all the benefits of having a full felted table with out the hassles of bringing a full poker table out, or having a poker table stand around.

Poker Table Tops also give you the advantage of taking it where ever you need to go, and most come with a carrying case so that transportation of your poker table top is easy and safe.

Before you pick a poker table top make sure you measure the dimensions of the table you are placing it on. If there is an over lap this may case the poker top to bend or even flip if anyone puts any type of elbow pressure on it. Make sure that the poker table top fits across the top completely with no extra lap over the edge. Also make sure that the poker table top you get has a good bottom that will not scratch up the table you are using, this is not as imperative because you can always put a table cloth underneath but it is always better to be safe then sorry.

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