Poker Face Card Cover Guards & Protectors Save Poker Hands


Poker_Faces_DonkeyPoker Face Card Covers have reached all the way across the nation becoming a poker Favorite. These little guys will protect your poker hands while on the table and have been used by some of the Professional Poker player such as Humberto Brenes who uses the Shark and Chris Ferguson. Poker Faces even gives back to the United States Military with the Eagle Poker Face that give back a percentage of sale back to the Wounded Warrior Project that help disabled war Veterans live a better life. And they are a huge contributor to the Screaming Eagle Poker league where a bunch of military personnel at over 5 bases play poker to pass the time every Sunday in Iraq.

Each Poker face has it’s own attitude and even styled for all types of poker stero types like the Donkey, The Shark, and The Queen. All of them are made of a resin and have the cartoonish features that most people love. Get your poker face today!

You can get all your Poker Face Card Cover Guard and Protectors from Official PRO Sports or from Poker Faces direct.

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