DB Dealers the Best Electronic Dealer Button in the Market

DB Dealer Electronic Poker Timer Button

DB Dealer Electronic Poker Timer Button

DB Dealers have become a household item in the Poker Market, if you are running any type of home poker game then you absolutely need a DB Dealer where the dealer button is also a timer. The DB Dealer make it easy to keep Texas Hold’em Tournament blind times, a bet timer that makes players make their decisions quickly, flashing lights and a loud warning alarm to everyone knows what is going on, and a Tamper proof safe pass guard. Each one also has an automatic shut off feature to save battery life and even comes with a battery. The DB Dealer is only 2.5 inches in diameter, and 1/2 inch width.

Using other types of blind timers can be brutal, egg timers are not accurate and most of the ringers are soft. And it’s easier to keep the timer going when you need to pause quickly for a player to make a decision. The DB Dealer is a must have for all home poker games and will decrease the stress of running your own Poker Tournament.

You can get your own DB Dealer Electronic Dealer Button at Official PRO Sports or DB Dealer direct.

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